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Moldova- Fact Sheet

Official name: Republic of Moldova

Area: 33,700 sq km

Population: 3.56 million

Geography: Moldova is located in the South-Eastern Europe and most of its

territories lies between the Dniester River and the prut

Neighbors: Moldova is bound by Ukraine in the north, east and south and by Romania

in the west

Climate: Moldova’s proximity to the Black Sea gives it a mild and sunny climate, it is moderately continental, the summers are warm and long with temperatures between 20-25c and going upto 40c in heat waves and winters are relatively mild and dry with temperatures between -4c and -7c falling below -10c in cold wave conditions.

Ethnic Groups: Moldovan/Romanian (75%), Ukranian (8.35%), Russian (5.95%), Gagauz (Christian Turks) (4.5%).

Religion: Eastern Orthodox (95%), Jewish, Baptist, Catholic

Political System: Unitary Parliamentary democracy, Unicameral Assembly with 101 members directly elected by proportional representation.

Main Languages: Romanian and Russian

Currency: Moldovan Lei (MDL) ROE 1 US$= MDL 19.20

Head of State: President of the Republic, H.E. Mr. Igor Dodon

Head of Government: H.E Mr. Pavel Filip

Foreign Minister and Minister

for European Integration: H.E Andrei Galbur

National GDP (at official ROE): US$ 6.534 billion (2016 est.)

GDP(growth rate): 4.1% (2016 est.)

GDP Per Capita (PPP): US$ 5338 (2016 est.)

Inflation Rate: 6.40 % (2016 est.)

Exports: US$ 1.547 billion

Imports: US$ 3.604 billion

Foreign Debt: US$ 6.114 billion

(in lakhs)

Bilateral Trade: Total volume: US$ 9.19 million (Rs.2889.18)

(2016-17) Indian Exports: US$ 5.42 million (Rs.3648.54)

(April-Jan) Indian Imports: US$ 3.77 million (Rs.2540.64)

Indian Community: The Indian Community in Moldova numbers about 200. They are mostly medical students in the Medical University in Chisinau. A cultural association of Indians in Moldova was formed in 2001, which is not active.

26 May 2017